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Monday, August 6, 2012

I Still Love Lucy

I love Lucy. Today would have been her 101st birthday and it's pretty amazing that she can still make people laugh even though we have all seen the clips a million times. There was one classic episode of I Love Lucy that means a lot to The Bitchy Waiter; Episode #92, "The Diner." It aired on April 26, 1954. It's the one where the Ricardos and the Mertzes buy a diner together and it culminates in an all out food fight at the end of the episode before they sell the diner back to the original owner. How can something filmed over fifty years ago still seem so fresh and funny? All four of those actors were comedic geniuses, that's why. Well, Desi Arnaz was just about the best straight man ever and could set up a joke like nobody's business. I can never get enough of a good pie fight. It has been my dream ever since I was a little waiter to have one but the opportunity doesn't present itself very often. Or ever. I did manage to have an egg fight once which was pretty good. About twenty years ago, my partner and I went through a dozen eggs as we threw them at each other and laughed our asses off. I was running out of the apartment to escape the next egg being thrown my way when a neighbor saw me and said, "What kind of life ya' livin' where you got egg all over ya?" I'll tell you what kind of life I am living. I am living a life where I will do anything and everything to have a laugh and make a great memory.

In honor of Lucille Ball's 100th birthday, I give you two of my favorite moments from I Love Lucy. First is "The Diner" followed by episode #172, "Lucy Does the Tango" from March 11, 1957. In the second clip, she ends up covered in eggs just like I was in 1991. What kind of life ya livin' where ya got egg all over ya? A damn good one, that's what kind. Do your best today to create a memory that will last you the rest of your life. Cleaning up that egg mess twenty years ago was a pain in the ass, but it's one of my fondest memories that I will ever have. Happy birthday, Lucy.

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Mandy said...

This made my day!

Confessions from the Hairdresser said...

I'm glad you didn't post the vitameatavegamin. Everyone likes the Vitameatavegamin...'d think it was the only thing that she'd ever done. said...

Another great post! I've reached the point in my life where I don't want any more "stuff" I only want to collect "memories". So this post really meant a lot to me.

Plus, it's about Lucy!

Border Collie said...

We all have different opinions and this one makes no difference in the world. I don't like Lucy. The yowls and screeches make my insides quiver.

Border Collie said...
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David said...

I love sharing a birthday with Lucille Ball.