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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh No He Di'nt

I have slowed down in my postings because I refuse to write unless I have something really worthwhile to say. I suppose I could type up some mundane crap every day and post it just to maintain some regularity, but it seems more substantial if the posts actually resonate with me. Well, something resonated with me. It hit a chord. Struck a nerve. Rang a bell. Punched me in the (sorry, Marlene, for the use of the word) cunt. And for something to cunt punch me it has to be really major because I don't even have a vagina. Anymore. Kidding. I never had a vagina. Of my own. Anyhoo.

I have written before about my last job and how they closed the place down only giving us four days notice. I had originally hoped to be moved to another one of the restaurants in the chain for at least some pick-up shifts and they told me that they would try to do that. I even went so far as to go and interview with a manager at one of the other locations. Yesterday I got a call from a former co-worker who, although he is totally funny and likable, is really, really old. He too was dumped by the restaurant but still has some friends at one of the other locations. Someone informed him that the reason the owner and manager didn't hire him or me at another store was because we had both put disparaging remarks about the company on our Facebook pages. Yeah, after we were fired with no notice and left totally unemployed, we both may have put something on our status' that said "VYNL sucks" or "fuck you, VYNL" because we were justifiably pissed off. And now we find out 6 months later that that is why they wouldn't transfer us to a new restaurant. To the owner, John, I have this to say:

You think "VYNL sucks" was bad on a Facebook page? The only people who saw that were my 296 friends. I didn't post it on The Bitchy Waiter Fan Page because over a 1000 people would have seen it. Now that would have been mean. If he got his crybaby panties all up in a twist over that, I wonder how he feels about me going to Yelp and posting some crap about his restaurant. Which I did. And how did he like it when I went to New York Citysearch and spread the truth about his shitty ass ways? Yeah, John, you suck. You have no ethics, no morals, no feelings and everyone who works for you hates you. Even the people who you think like you, don't like you. They kiss your ugly fat ass because you are the boss. They talk about you behind your back and question your policies and ideas. You suck. The only thing nice about you was your friendly wife who must see another side of you in order to stay married. I don't even want to work at your crappy ass restaurants anymore. VYNL closing was the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope the next time you are eating breakfast there, a piece of VYNL scrambled egg gets lodged in your throat and makes you choke. Not long enough to kill you or anything, but long enough to make you freak the fuck out. I pretty much hate you.

I feel better. Was that too mean? It's not like he reads this. But even if he does, it's all true. Thank God for the freedom of speech act or whatever law or amendment there is that lets me state my opinion without fear of retaliation. To you, VYNL and John, I say eat my mother fucking pud you sorry ass piece of crap.

The Bitchy Waiter


Anonymous said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

This made my afternoon :)

margaretmcart said...

I love your posts and have read them all in the past week or so. Used to wait tables, cocktail and bartend myself so I can relate.

You have a fabulous way of describing things. I look forward to more of your writing in the future.