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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Comment on Comments

Every now and again, I get a comment that is just begging to be responded to. Since my appearance on Dr. Phil, the comments have gone through the roof and I had plenty of winners to choose from. For the most part, the people who bothered to come to the blog were overwhelmingly in my corner. I got some great comments about my hair and I am seriously considering giving it its own blog. Thank you to everyone who appreciated what I had to say. However, there were a few people who had some negative things to say and it is to them that this blog post is directed to.

Anonymous said...

I don't appreciate your comment about food allergies. I am severely allergic to several things. The way I see it, I pay your salary. If I don't come eat and no one else does the restaurant closes, you lose your job. If I ask for certain things to be left out of my dish I expect them to. You are just a waiter shut up and do your job.

Hey anonymous, shut the fuck up, you allergy-ridden filthy whore. Take another does of Valtrex and move on. I was referring to people who say they are allergic to something when in actuality they just don't like it. Big difference. I understand your confusion; sometimes syphilis does irreversible damage to the brain. You're excused.

And then there is this long-winded comment which I edited to take away some of the bat-shit-crazy but I left their misspellings, run-on sentences and bad grammar because it shows what kind of person wrote it: a dumb one.
Anonymous said...

I strongly believe you have some serious issues with society and you should see someone that will help you deal. Children are the future you may have issues with them we all do from time to time but telling a child or his parent that he or she has to leave a restarauntan> is obseen. No one has the right to tell someone they are not allowed to eat in a casual restarant or fine dinning establishment, if they are a paying customer they have a right to be there. I believe it is people like you that are the problem today if you cant deal with a situation you take it to a extreme instead of figuring it out for yourself. Part of your job is dealing with children whether they irritate you or not. I understand people have said this before but if you dont like the job or soceity for that matter you should take the little possessions you have a move to a city that has a small population. Do you honestly believe to have the right to be any different? If the issue in question was a big deal to anyone besides the server would the owner of the establishment not band children himself or herself? they dont do you know why? Ill tell you its because the owner would rather get the money from the customer (which is why he is in business) they appesease you a lowly paid waiter. In society you have no contribution easily replacable an no proper business owner would put you before a ten dollar childrens meal which also brings us to why you have to voice your concerns to the general public instead of starting your own restarant and solving you problems that way. As far as im concerned you are a coward pure bully picking on little kids to make your life seem more managable while you waste everyones time with this nonsense instead of dealing with the real problem which is you. Anti-depressants may help you if you believe your life is garbage picking on little children however cannot. I would have liked to have been at that show to voice my concerns and meet someone so ignorant face to face. It astounds me that you believe anyone should put a bitchy low end waiter before a child that may one day contribute ten times as much to the world then you do. It would make me very pleased to see a father put you in your place because if you were to tell me my child is being to loud, or I need to shut my kid up that would be the end of your career and probably mine but would be well worth it. Get a life!

Okay, where to start? I had to read it about ten times to even get what the fuck this crazy bag of nuts was trying to say. I love how she calls me ignorant but she can't manage to string a complete sentence together and has no use for punctuation. Yeah, I'm the ignorant one, uh huh. And she thinks I am the problem? No, it's the parents who are the problem if they think it's okay to let children rule the roost in a restaurant. (That's how it's spelled, by the way.) Maybe one of the children I serve will contribute ten times as much to the world as I do, but they better get crackin' because this blog isn't all I do. I have a life and waiting tables isn't it. It's just what I do 24 hours a week. The other 144 hours per week is where most of my my life happens. The only way anti-depressants are going to make my life any better is if I am allowed to drop them into the glasses of juice I serve to bratty kids so they can fall asleep while they are in my station. Thanks for the comment, lady. I'm sorry you are so angry and I'm also sorry that you can't appreciate the joys of processed chicken.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the blog or Facebook. This week was wild ride and I really enjoyed it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Mark W. said...

People like Anonymous #2 are the people who think it's cute when Jr repeatedly throws his water glass off the table. They're the ones who let their kids run through the restaurant unattended, ignoring them, and then proceed to scream at the manager and threaten lawsuits when a food runner comes around the corner and drops a hot plate on the stinkin' brat.

Anonymous said...

First of all, your first response had me rotflmao! Loved it!

And now for the long winded ignoramus. F.Y.I. There are restaurants that have banned children. Look it up! Also the management dose have the right to ask you to leave....Unless it's a chain it's the same as your home,a privately owned property. When I have had to refuse people who walked in off the street just to use the restroom, they would argue that it was a public place and therefore they were entitled to it's use....Wrong!!!!!It's a privately owned business not a subway station, in which case they would be right! Keep up the good fight Bitchy! Most of the ass holes that complain couldn't do our job for one day without crying for their mama's.

Adam Hawthorne said...

I can't say that I actually had the attention span to finish reading the second comment, but I think that the person who made it can be pretty much summed up completely with their statement no one has the right to tell someone that they can not eat in a restaurant... which really serves to perfectly highlight the real problem: the majority of the people doing the complaining are too fucking stupid to comprehend what their "rights" are and what the rights are of busineses.

Here's something that might be suprising: being a customer doesn't come with limitless fathomless privileges, especially in regards to "the right" to be a total asshole that neglects their kids in public. Businesses have policies and rules and by patronizing them it is "the right" of the customer to comply with those policies.

Private or otherwise, when violating the policies (such as not disrupting every single other patron's experience) of a business, the customer then has "the right" to be kicked out by management, and subsequently "the right" to go home and post ignorant bitchy comments on message boards.

lapetitefée said...

Hasn't anyone seen those signed in restaurants that say they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?


Also, off topic - I am meek about asking for changes, because I am spawn of someone who will complain within five minutes of being in a restaurant. it makes me hesitant, because I think I have to make up for her.

Luckily, if I order anything with fair I am choosing to feel the pain later (as I am lactose intolerant), and would definitely ask about shellfish but in general would never order anything with it in it.

And I tip, unless you flat out ignore my requests or take an hour to bring the check in a restaurant that has three or four tables seated out of a total of fifty.

Anonymous said...

Food for thought for parents... if the restaurant does not have a kids' menu, take that as a hint.

witchybaiter said...

I wanna see the unedited version.

zena said...

"Move to a city that has a small population". That would be called a town, you dumbfuck. Obseen.

Anonymous said...

i am a parent and i personally would rather restaurants not have childrens menus...maybe a lack of children's menus just means that the owner would like children to eat something that more closely resembles a meal that the crap they put on childrens menus.

Anonymous said...

For Anonymos #2, There are many things I take umbridge with about your statement, but the biggest one had to be where you accuse BW of not being benificial to society. Every job is benificial and serves a purpose in society. I am a nurse but at one time I was a waitress in a mid level Italian resterant. I took every job I had very seriously and I gave the same amount of dedication to each. BW serves a very important purpose and Im sure he does his job very well all the while enduring the general public. BW I feel your pain. Basically my job makes me feel like a waitress with pills and I get abused by patients and families daily. The only difference is I have to take the abuse like a nun. Thank you for all that you do to give folks a good meal and some time to be together. For Anonymous #2 all I can say is seek help and now.

Anonymous said...

I am going to be anonymous, but only because I don't need the nut job #2 at my blog.

Mark W, I hope this moron does not have children who will then go ignorant into the world.

Anon, You talk about waiting tables as..."your lowly job?" You are a person who obviously has a job unloading trucks at Walmart. There is nothing wrong with a person unloading trucks at WM, but it just a job where communicating in writing is not required.

Anon#: Do you even know how to break for a paragraph? Even if you don't know how to form a paragraph, organizing around a thought, at least give our eyes a break and hit the enter key.

Use spell-check to remove some of your's obscene and appease, by the way. Dinning?...LOL. That is soooo basic. Obviously, you did not graduate from fifth grade. Who are you to insult BW?

I know, you probably have a "disability" because you are so stupid and fat and figured out how you could get out of working at anything. I bet you have "back problems." Yeah!

My city has a small population and still has bratty kids and nutjobs like you. I am just in safer place and own a car and don't have to pay for parking. Do you actually think a small population solves societal problems? That shows how much grasp you have on problams of the world.

Why would you talk to anyone the way you did to BW? You are some big deal, hotshot, bleeding heart, fertile, nobody who cannot spell, write properly, punctuate. He is a hard-working person who just happens to be very apt with the hyperbole. He makes lots of people smile. Have you made thousands of people smile lately?

The issue of children's entitlement is a big deal to others besides the server! Have you not read all our comments? Do you never hear people complaining elsewhere? In restaurants? Do you read the comments from other servers?

I have four grandchildren, three of whom are very well-behaved children in restaurants. The other is a little drama queen, not controlled by her mother. However, she is better than 99% of the children in restaurants. My son and his wife spend their time correcting their children or tending to their questions and needs at the table.

We don't like you, anonymous!

Thanks, BW, for helping me with my daughter. Now, you know who I am.

Anonymous said...


EAC said...

I'm still twitching from reading that second person's comment. Time to go back to English class!

Mary A. said...

Wine and Ambien. It's what's for dinner.

J.Day said...

I'd love to smack all those who think any job servicing the public is a "lowly job" and that the customer is *always* right. For all us that serve the public, we are the legs which you stand upon, so give us the respect we deserve.

Oh and FYI, a "lowly job" would be this: staying on unemployment just because the pay may be better.

Modest Goddess said...

Man, this was 'obseen'...

Tara said...

There is nothing more selfish than people who dine out with kids they cannot control. They ruin the experience for everyone else in the restaurant .. who are not ordering off the children's menu, mind you!

And another thing that pisses me off is parents who ask for the kid's menu for their offspring with boobs or facial hair ..
UNDER TEN YEARS of AGE is clearly stated and if you are that cheap, McDonald's has a dollar menu

Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm offended by those people... ::applauding Bitchy::

Now the rant back at the commentators...
I'm sure plenty of us have said it, but here we go:
-I am a 25 year old waitress. I've worked in F&B for 10 years with a short stint in housing.
-I have a bachelor's degree.
-I make $45,000/year and I have benefits. (In case you didn't know, that's not what most B.A.s are making going into the job market these days)
-The minimum wage for servers in my state is $2.83/hr.
-I have food allergies. I know what I can and can't have on any menu without asking. Having me comp your burger because you're "allergic" to the tomato slice that was served on the side and then dipping your french fries in ketchup isn't fooling anybody. Grow. The. Fuck. UP.
-Most restaurants reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. In general, management believes the server's version of events and agrees that you're an absolute asshole and would really rather you not patron the establishment again. They comp your meals because it's easier than arguing with you. They just want you to get out.
-Disturbing other patrons in a restaurant affects revenue. Instead of making 1 table (YOU) unhappy, now ALL of their patrons are unhappy. YES they can, should, and WILL ask you to leave. Allowing your child to "scream it out" or run around the restaurant is disturbing to other patrons. If your child does it when I'm dining in a restaurant, I will ask the manager to kindly tell you to control your child, and if it persists, I'll tell you myself. Not wearing shoes or clothing, and/or walking on tables is a healthcode violation and you bet your ass I'll tell a guest that their child cannot be on the table or their child needs to be wearing shoes. Didn't bring shoes? So sorry, but you won't be allowed to remain in the restaurant.
-I am all for a woman's right to breastfeeding in public, but it is RUDE to just whip out your boob 3 feet from the next table and nurse without a coverup. It IS public nudity. They're called burp cloths and baby blankets and you should use them when nursing in public. If you don't want to, many places provide a nursing room now. Go there. No, my restaurant's lavatory does not have a changing table. Use your damn lap, the counter by the sinks, or exit to the nursing room. I don't have a child, but I have changed a diaper on my lap- it isn't rocket science.
-If you're a large person, don't request a booth. You don't fit. If you don't fit in chairs that have arms, request a chair without arms before you get stuck in one that has them. I WILL stifle laughter before pulling you out of it. And no, I really am not comfortable serving you 2 deep fried appetizers, a greasy burger and fries, and chocolate cheesecake beside the 3 diet sodas you had to have. In case you didn't know, that "Diet" soda really isn't going to save you now.

Anonymous said...

OMG in response to the comment above me, I hate hate hate people who flop out there boob in public to feed their child. Ok, so I'm a waitress and I work in a chain, family restaurant (lucky me!) and we get a lot of women who breastfeed. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against breastfeeding, JUST PLEASE COVER UP!!! No one wants to see your saggy, swollen, stretchmark covered tatas.
ALSO wtf is up with those wackos who think a booth is a good place to change their baby's poopie diaper????

SkippyMom said...

I had to stop reading when Anon #2 wrote the word "obseen". It always cracks me up when people who are on their soapbox trying to appear morally and intellectually superior can't even spell. Their argument instantly goes out the window for me.

It also amazes me how people look down their noses at servers. I worked hard and made darn good money to put myself through college doing it. I would love to still be doing it now, but I am afraid my body wouldn't hold up to the long hours and the grueling work. It is not an easy job.

Ester Jean said...

Oh geez! What a stupid bitch! ...sounds like the dunce who repeatedly creates Facebook pages under fake names in an attempt to touch my husband's balls. Off-topic? Of course.

I was super excited for you last week! I was excited for ME because: 1. I finally got to hear your voice and see your face, and your HAIR! Oh, the hair! I love the idea of giving it it's own blog :) and 2. Among all of your business and glory, you came and commented on my/my-brother-in-prison's blog, and that flattered me as much as if frickin Jesus himself and stopped on by to show some love.

More fame leads to more haters, and you really had some trolls hanging around! I'm glad you're keeping your sense of humor, BW :)

Cheryl said...

I seem to be late to the party over here. I saw the Dr. Phil Show after the fact as I tend to Tivo everything these days. I thought you made some great points. I find I am very conflicted on this issue, though. I hate to ever ban any group but seemingly parents can't be trusted to know the appropriateness of which restaurants are meant for children. I put a link in my post that will appear on Monday to your blog. (or at least that is my plan if I get it finished.

On a different topic. I hate people that feel the need to comment but hide behind the anonymous. If they have something to say...they need to stand up and say it.

Chris said...

Hey 25 year old server...I make $75,000/year and I have benefits. Now that we've gotten that out of the way....

What was the point of that, anyway?

So, since we both make money, can you bring me my greasy burger and fries, and STFU about it?

The only thing I hate more than children in restaurants are people like you. The Bitchy Waiter YOU are not.

Anonymous said...

Do you please please PLEASE have a Dr Phil post for your loyal UK readership...........??? Have been searching since your initial post and not been able to find... Long time follower, eager first time viewer! ;))

ArtIsMyPorn said...

I find it hilarious when people insist on including their tarnished two cents on a personal opinion (I assume most of them are commies that have no prior knowledge of that pesky freedom of speech thing)taht is posted on an individual's blog, website, tweet, etc. Let me infringe on your right to be an individual! What?! You don't like Kenny G? You must burn in hell, because you are an awful human being. I prefer to forward Al Qaeda's website to these new friends, considering they have a lot in common. And then break the news that there will be no virgins! Keep up the good work!

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