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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Say Potato I Say Potato

Why do people go all nuts and balls over sweet potato fries? Sure, they may be a bit better for you than the lowly russet or Yukon gold, but they still get sliced up and dropped into a bubbling vat of oil and saturated fat and then fried fried fried. But when people find out that they can have sweet potato fries as an option it suddenly justifies the sixteen ounce hamburger they are having that is covered with melted cheese and the milkshake to wash it all down. Mothers always choose the sweet potato fries for their kids even though we all know that a kid wants a real french fry and not some orange looking french fry wanna be. Unless it's a Cheeto, then that would be perfectly okay.

I guess the sweet potato is loaded with antioxidants. They help slow the aging process of the skin and organs and lower the chance of cancer and all kinds of other healthy shit. But blueberries are full of antioxidants too and no one is going to think it's okay to fry a bunch of blueberries and call it a health food. Hold the phone. Hold. The. Phone. I think I may have just created my next endeavor. I will open a health food restaurant and only serve foods that are high in antioxidants. And I will fry them all. Fried pinto beans, fried artichokes, fried prunes, fried strawberries and fried pecans. All in the name of health food! And when some physically fitness minded bitch comes in and says to me that a plate of fried prunes is not a health food, I will point out to her that the prune is full of antioxidants. And if she doesn't like my idea of health food then she can roll up her yoga mat and stuff it up her well toned vag.

The next time you have the option of sweet potato fries or real fries, do yourself a favor. Just get the real ones. That's what you want and you know it. If you really feel the need to be healthy order a fucking salad.



Serendipity said...

Fried blueberries sounds awesome

Adelle said...

I actually prefer sweet potato fries over potato fries because I think they taste better. I don't always get hamburger and french fries, but when I do, I get the sweet potato fries just because it's more delicious. I didn't even know that sweet potato fries were considered healthier than regular fries. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting some clients order sweet potato fries just to be healthier. I looked it up on and their site has only around a 40 calorie difference. I always order sweet potato fries though if given a choice, and not because they are "healthier" but because I love the taste.

Vanessa said...

I. Love. Sweet. Potato. Fries.

They are so much tastier than their bland, pale compatriots. I really couldn't give a rat's rotund rumpus if they have more health benefits. I'm not eatin' fries for the antioxidants. On that note, sweet potato chips are pretty fab as well. <3

Natalie said...

I think that it's an over generalization to say people order sweet potato fries because they think they are healthier. The comments you received show a lot of people just order them because they love how they taste.

teleburst said...

I too like them because of the way they taste, but I don't go out of my way to seek them out, nor do I eat in very many places that offer them as an option, so I suppose I get them when I encounter them.

What I love is the perfectly cooked french fry. The grand pommes frit (I asume that this is the singular of pommes frites). Thinly mandoline'd, blanched first and then cooked at 350 degrees, just like Uncle Tony (Bourdain) commands.

I have yet to find sweet potato fries cooked that perfectly. Usually, they're not crunchy enough on the outside. Oftentimes they're too soggy.

Healthy? I'll take SunChips :chuckle:

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genesis said...

Mmmm sweet potato fries, theyre fucking delicious!

kittygurl212 said...

But...but...I love how sweet potato fries taste. Health aint got nothing to do with it sweetie I know they're just as bad as the real thing but they're just so darn tasty!

On the other hand, Five Guys fries are fucking delicious too. And they're supposed to be "healthier" because they're fried in peanut oil. Say what you want to make yourself feel better folks but fried is fried is artery clogging fried. You want healthy, grab an apple.