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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Blog Alert; The Real Barman

I have discovered a great new website that you should know about because the world can never have enough serving blogs that are well written. There are plenty out there (mine included) that are rife with misspellings, bad grammar and too much whining but The Real Barman is a good one.

I am a firm believer in supporting other blogs and exchanging links is one thing we can all do to help each other. If you have a minute or two, go check him out. Tell him Bitchy Waiter sent you so maybe the next time I happen to be in his bar he will thank me with a free margarita on the rocks with salt and no lime because we all know that lime has never been washed.

The Real Barman


TheRealBarman said...

Hey, thanks BW. I'm blushing, partly because of your kind words and partly because I'm drunk.

I agree, linking up is the way to go. You are becoming the face and voice of the serving industry and whatever you do, hang on like a rabid pitbull.

Thanks again.



Caveman said...

I love his blog. It cracks me up and is very well written. Great bartending shit from a real bartender.

SharleneT said...

I found you through The Bitchy Waiter (who expects a free drink because I've done this, while I get nothing more than the right to read your words! Isn't that wrong!?!?!?)Great posts. Now, working my way through the Archives.

SharleneT said...

Well, now, I'm going to have to do that, again! No more vodka in my morning coffee. Happy Easter!

MOV said...

I will check it out! thanks for the "tip". :)

(you never ever heard THAT before, huh?)


Robin said...

"There are plenty out there (mine included) that are ripe with misspellings, bad grammar and too much whining...."

You're not kidding. The word is "rife," not "ripe."

loragoa said...

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