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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Horror/Whore Stories

I don't do this very often, but I am actually promoting someone else for a freakin' change. Hopefully karma will come around and someone will promote me too. Honestly, what does a bitchy waiter have to do to get some promotion other than the the self kind? is having a contest and they are offering a $100 gift card from Amazon. Their prize is much better than my broke down shitty ass $25 gift card I gave away for my contest. (Thanks, for making me look like a cheap bitch, but I will promote you anyway because I am cool like that.) You can go here for all the details. Basically, they are looking for horror stories that happened in your restaurant. And just to clarify, it's horror stories not whore stories so don't be writing some cute little vignette about that chick with the cold sore who gives blow jobs out by the dumpster for $10. Well, actually, that is a horror story in itself, so do whatever you want. It's not my contest...

If you send a story in (and you totally should, but good luck because you know my poor ass is already composing something) you might want to mention that you heard about it from The Bitchy Waiter. That way, they'll know that I really tried to help them out a bit and maybe they will throw me some appreciation in the form of a gift card to (I can't believe you clicked that...)

So there you have it. Someone else is having a contest. I may be having another of my own soon. I am thinking of a photo contest asking people to send in pictures that happen at work; the more daring the picture the better. Like a picture of that annoying fat ass who shows up one minute before closing. Or a picture of the mess left at table 17 by the ugly baby with the dent in his head when he "ate" crackers. You get the idea? But that's another contest.


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Car Lease Los Angeles said...

Hmm...I have a LOT of stories regarding stupid people...but doesn't everyone in service. The best whore/horror stories have happened to my friends, somehow I manage to avoid most of the craziest crazies I think- I just drop the drinks and run. Though I guess the stories about the Swingers group that used to meet at the Mexican Restaurant I worked at every Taco Tuesday are pretty good... like the time the girl was jacking the guy off at the 10 top they were sitting at while people were milling about all around them! The things people will do in restaurants astound I just a prude??

Anonymous said...

ooh, one time my coworker was doing a menu presentation at a table and picked up the live main lobster and it's arm fell off. Someone started crying. I didn't get a picture though.

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