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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take a Chance on Me

You know that I love my martinis and when I find a place that I like, I feel it is my duty to pass that info to others. I took a journey out to Brooklyn yesterday which is quite the trek when you consider I started in Queens and the MTA is a big hot mess that holds New Yorkers hostage. You never know what you're going to get when you swipe that Metro Card at the turnstile and get on the 7 train. My reward for braving the subway system was sweet though, for I came across a restaurant in Brooklyn called Chance. Please do not ask me what the food was like because once I saw their happy hour, I was mesmerized:

Could it be? Four dollar martinis, mojitos and margaritas all day Monday through Thursday? How is this possible? How have I not already set up a tent in the middle of their dining room and declared it my home? How have I not already started earning squatters rights so they can never kick me out? How is that we were the only people at the bar? I sat down and wiped the drool from my chin and tried to control my shaking hands as I held the menu imagining how far I could go with just twenty dollars.

Our bartender was named Jen and she happily made us a round of coconut cosmos. They were a little sweet for my taste but the four dollar price tag made them taste like nectar dripping from a golden flower of paradise onto a rainbow where it slid down onto the horn of a unicorn that was being ridden by Rainbow Brite as she sang an ABBA song. Yeah, I liked it. For my next round I went the pomegranate margarita route because it was clear that I would be drinking my dinner that evening and I needed the vitamins and anti-oxidants that would be present in the juice. To be honest, I don't really know what health benefits there are in pomegranate juice, but I like the idea that it's good for me. The margarita was made in a tall glass with a lot of ice and served with a smile.

By this point, I was a Chatty Cathy and started yucking it up with Jen. We began discussing Halloween costumes and how she needed to find something that was fun but also easy to be at work in since she would be serving up $4.00 drinks on Halloween night. She was leaning towards "sexy zombie hippie" which covers pretty much every base out there for a costume these days, but as we started getting more into it, we came up with additional ideas. You should go there on Halloween and see if she follows up on Sexy Zombie Ginger Grant from Gilligan's Island or Bitter Grown Up Lil' Orphan Annie. Either one will be brilliant as long as she puts enough vodka and/or tequila in the drinks that night.

We stayed a for a while until it was deemed necessary that food go into the stomach to soak up some of the liquor. Sure, I could have eaten there, but the fresh Autumn air was calling me and it was going to be nice to walk a bit and let the vodka and tequila move around. I told Jen to check out the blog, but I doubt she will. She will probably be too busy putting together her Halloween costume and won't have the the time to read this. (Give me a sign if you're here, Jen!)

Go check out Chance in Cobble Hill Brooklyn. C'mon, it's four freakin' dollars for drinks. How can you resist that temptation? When you get there, ask if the bartender is named Jen and if it's her, tell her Bitchy Waiter said hello. She more than likely will be like, "Um, what are you talking about? Oh, that drunk guy with the hair that looked like a Brillo pad and wouldn't shut the fuck up about Halloween? You know him? Get the hell out of here right now." And then you will just have to say, "Oh, I mean can I have a $4.00 martini please? You're pretty."

And if you thought this was going to be about ABBA, you can go here.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! But now I'm thirsty! And the Compliance Officer says we're not "supposed" to drink in the office.

Mary A. said...

Wow -- that menu makes me wish I still drank alcohol. And lived in New York.

Ummmm... Whataburger has milkshakes for 1.99. . So i can be happy with that I guess.

Adam said...

Four dollar martinis.... ....Popov, maybe? Not that I would care, for only four dollars I would drink listerine and vermouth out of Jenn's bra.

Practical Parsimony said...

I will pass this along to my daughter who lives in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! Jen sent me to this blog. I'm her cousin from California!! Thanks for treating my Seven to a good time.

Love the blog!

The Bitchy Waiter said...

Did Jen read it???