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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bitchy Waiter of the Day

And the honorary Bitchy Waiter of the Day is Megan H. who had this to say:

So apparently my table can wrap up their shrimp to give it to the bum on the corner (words from the costumer's mouth), but they can't leave me enough money for their whole bill. Bill was $85.00, they left $75.00.

Good luck, Megan! Yes, people suck ass, we all know that. Hopefully today will be better.

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lapetitefée said...

THIS is exactly why I refuse to let my husband just drop some cash on the table and go - bill and tip MUST be paid, thank you very much.

Myr said...

What lame asses. @ least they didn't call the homeless person a "hobo". Maybe if it was a hobo, they would take their knapsack on a stick and beat the lame asses in their shins for calling them a "bum".

Hang in there, and believe in karma! :)

Confessions from the Hairdresser said...

"Bum on the Corner": Oh, thank you, but no, I'm allergic to shrimp.

Stupid diner: But it's better than nothing. You're a bum and you're starving.

BOTC: No really, thank you. I'll die if I eat that shrimp.

Stupid diner: Well here you go, take it anyways. It's not like I really brought it out of concern for you anyways, I just did it so I could feel good about myself. I'm kind of a self-serving douchebag like that.

Mary A. said...

We're such GREAT people that you will PAY us to eat here!

Hope the bum gave them scabies.

pilgrimchick said...

They were either perpetually enrolled in remdedial math, or, they are really that ridiculous. I'm not sure which is worse/better.

Anonymous said...

Throw the shrimp at their heads!

Anonymous said...

Why do I wonder if they paid for the share THEY ate and expected not to pay for the portion they wrapped up for the Bum?

I can just imagine them telling the Bum he owes the restaurant $10...

Yeah, I'm jaded!

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