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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Servitude, the Movie

I was contacted by a big time movie producer recently! Was it to star in his next movie? No. Was it to audition for his next movie? No. Was it to promote his current movie that I am not in and didn't even have a fucking audition for? Yes. Really, Mr. Producer? I'm talking to you, sir. Aww, c'mon. I'm an actor. I have my SAG card and everything. I can't be in your movie but you want me to promote it? Ballsy, man, real ballsy. But then I watched the trailer and can't wait to see it. This guy knows that I would love this movie and that I have a legion of fans (a teeny, tiny legion...) who would want to see it too, so I am agreeing to put it on my blog.

Seriously, it looks like something that anyone who has ever waited table will want to see. Watch the trailer. Share it with your friends. And then when they make a sequel, we will demand that The Bitchy Waiter has a at least one freakin' line in the thing.

Ladies and gents, I give to you, Servitude:

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Anonymous said...

So many Canadian actors in this movie... I hope he threw you a couple bucks to advertise it.

On a different note... How hard is it to get a serving job in NYC with no experience whatsoever? I'm looking to join the ranks of the cranky. It's either that or slinging books again.

The Bitchy Waiter said...

With no experience at all, pretty hard. If you have server experience outside of NYC, just lie and say you have waited tables here.

Adam said...

They should re-shoot a scene or two to include you in the movie.

Do you want me to make a FB fanpage along the lines of 'BW waiter cameo in servitude... ...DON'T MAKE US BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE BECAUSE BW ISN'T IN IT!!' ?

I don't know that it would be the best use of all your talents though, you should really have been drafted to write the script.

But congrats, you're fabulous!

Mary A. said...

I'll see it but ONLY because you said to.

They should totally feature you in the sequel.

ChiTown Girl said...

Looks pretty funny. However, had you have had a role, it would have been fucking hilarious!!!

Mind Of Mine said...

This movie looks really good, only cause I can relate though. But I don't have any residual waiter issues, ever waiter job I quit I managed to find closer by letting my frustrations out on a customer/manager/co-worker/bus boy.

dys·func·tion said...

I'll watch it, mainly because of the referral.

I hope they have a sequel with you cast in it.

carmar76 said...

i *heart* Canadians!

Rennifer said...

My former coworkers and I had the chance of a lifetime last month when the hellhole that we worked at closed with short notice. Much as we dreamed of calling our customers out, most of us decided that karma might bite us in the ass for it. One thing that we wanted to do that never happened was hand out $100 gift certificates to anyone that complained about the food or service. Customers oscillated that week between being sweet and handing out fat tips and walking without tipping because we were out of their favorite know, because we were closing tomorrow.

Strangely, the liquor cabinet was nearly empty by the last night. Sloe gin and all.

A said...

i want to see it!!!(that's what someone somewhere said)...i digress, i don't care if those are all the funny parts in the movie i am so going to see it

Rouver said...

Where can one see this movie now? I couldn't find it anywhere. Ideas or suggestions?

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