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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No Food Service For Four Days

I am on a blessedly wonderful reprieve from carrying trays of food and drinks to disgruntled customers because I found another job for a week and dropped my waiting job like a fucking hot potato. Luckily, I have a manager that is cool like that and helps me cover a shift if something better comes along. And when I say better, I mean pretty much anything. It could be a vacation, and audition, a trip to the dentist or a really good bowel movement. In this case, I got a four day gig selling pottery at a trade show. I know, I know, what won't I do for a paycheck? Well the answer to that, my friends, has yet to be found. If someone will wave $20 an hour under my nose, I will follow it to the ends of the earth. Remind me to write about my days as a costumed character trash can who walked around at recycling dumps around New York City. They paid me $22 an hour and I gladly dropped my pride, put on the costume and even marched in the freaking Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade dressed as a fucking trash can. Anyhoo, I am on day three of selling pottery. It's basically like waiting tables. People ask me which one I think is best, I make up some shit or point at the piece that the last customer bought and proclaim it "the most popular" and they will eat it up. Or in this case, buy it up. The down side is there is no bar at the convention center and I have yet to figure out a way to have a cosmopolitan while working. Coffee thermos, anyone?


Anonymous said...

That should be a nice change. People coming up to you rather than you go to them.

dirtydisher said...

Auditions? So you're an actor or dancer?? Interesting. Can you make a post about that?