Saturday, September 24, 2011

Entitled Parents, This Is For You:

It may seem lately that the blog should change its name to "I Hate Babies," but I just can't help it. Maybe it's time I come clean and fully admit that it's the parents I hate. I mean, what did babies ever do to me other than give me the occasional stink eye? I am trying to retrain my brain into knowing that it's the entitled parents who let their spawn become the center of the world.

I went to the green market this morning looking for something to make for dinner tonight. I always hear about how cool and wonderful a Farmer's Market is, but the one in my neighborhood sucks. All they ever have is fresh vegetables and fruits that come right from the farm and jars of honey and jams and shit. I have yet to see anyone selling anything remotely useful like chicken mole enchiladas, fresh tequila or Pizza Rolls. As I was making my way down the sidewalk, I noticed the people ahead of me were parting to make way for someone. "Is it a big foodie celebrity like Rachael Ray?" I wondered. "I certainly hope so, because now I can tell her what a cheap ho she is." I walked ahead to see what was going on and it was none other than some stupid ass Dad pushing his toddlers in a double-wide stroller being completely oblivious to how people were accommodating him. The stroller was huge. It's like when he went to Babies "R" Us they asked him he'd like to "super size" it and he was so used to saying yes at McDonald's, he agreed to it and ended up with a stroller almost as big as his ass. He was probably on his way to a restaurant so he could park it between his table and the server. A few years ago, I took a picture of some ladies at my job who set up their own Stroller Wall. When I first posted the picture on my blog over two years ago, I took the time to black out their faces and made the picture very small, but now I don't care:

Bitches. What is it with these strollers, can someone explain it to me? Is it a status symbol that I just don't get? Is it a way for parents to show how much money they have to spend on their children? Please tell me.

A friend called me yesterday and asked me to please write a blog post about entitled parents. Laura is a mom of two kids ages 6 and 3. I know them well, because I took care of the six year old for almost a year when she was a baby. (Yes, I was a "manny."). She called me and said she was somewhere waiting for the cab that she had ordered. It was pouring down rain and she had the foresight to call ahead for one. She did not have her kids with her. When the car arrived, a woman came up and tried to take it. Laura explained that this was the car she had called for, but what did the lady have to say about that? "Well, do you mind if I take it? I have two kids." So having two kids in your possession allows you to steal a cab from someone? In my experience some parents think it also allows them to:
  • cut in line at the bank
  • get their food out faster in a restaurant
  • cut in line at the grocery store
  • eat food in a grocery store before paying for it
  • cut in line at a movie theater
  • take up three extra seats on the goddamn 7 train so their fucking diaper bag has a seat while I stand
  • cut in line at the bus stop
  • have free reign at a department store as their kids play under the racks of clothes
  • cut in line at the department store
  • and about a million other things
I am over it. Laura probably let the lady take the cab because she is nice that way. You know my ass would have given that bitch a "sorry-your-kids-are getting-all-wet" look and hopped in the cab and been on my way. But that's just me: bitchy.

A word to entitled parents: get over yourself. They're kids. No big deal. You aren't the first person to bring a life into the world. Little Johnny and Suzie are the center of your world, not ours. Yours. And stop bashing processed chicken, what did it ever do to you?


Noelle said...

Nicely said.

How's this for a nightmare. In comes a party of 8, 4 adults, 4 high chairs. We don't even have the 4th high chair handy we have to go the basement. This is fine dinning this is not Denny's, Steak n' Shake or Chucky Cheese. I don't think I have to go any further other than one child is asleep and is laid on the floor wakes up in a strange place. PISSED.
I think all the publicity this topic has gotten I think I'm going to be a little more brazen as a manager. What do you think.
"could you please take your child outside or to the car, it's really disturbing others dinning experience."

alexa said...

OMG!!! I was waiting for this. this my experiences with entitled parents. one day I looking at a book i was thinking of buying when i felt something hit me(almost fell but my fat ass kept balance). I turn around to find a stroller hitting me. the mom head was spinning a full circle but never brother to stop to see what was in front of her. she kept hitting me ( so i guess when sesame street was teaching up ,down you miss the part when they explain around). this kept going for a minute in tell she saw me and just looked at me and then left. im tired of getting out of the way for these monster stroller. did you really thing i was going jump out your way because you were coming hell no. second i work at a movie theater when i went in the movie Hall Pass make sure no was txting or sneaking in. when i see this two year old going to her seat then up to the screen and then back to the screen (at this point she stood in front of the screen.thats right in a giant screen her two year eyes sees a guy is "touching" himself then the cop pulls up) i go up to her and ask "hi where are your irresponsible parents?" she got scared and ran to her parents. where her fat ass mom was sitting (laying) next to the "father" i go up to her and ask her to please keep her child seated.this is where the mom gives me the"why are you telling me how to raise my child" look. after the movie i see the same child running around the lobby almost tripping a couple of people. so again its not the kids we hate ( LOVE kids ) its the irresponsible kids we hate, oh to the lady whos kid can handle eating a steak. Girl please you know you always order the chicken strip for you kid cause its cheaper who orders a $15 dinner for a kid whos eating the food he dropped?

J9 said...

And the cycle continues. The "entitled" parents churn out "entitled" kids who then come work for me, telling me that filing is beneath them... Seriously? Who the fuck do you think you are?

Practical Parsimony said...

Many of the better Arts and Crafts shows ban strollers and have for at least the last ten years. Museums do not allow strollers. Why not restaurants? My daughter lives in NYC and had to leave her stroller on the sidewalk to enter some stores. Why not do the same with restaurants?

I stand and glare at the parents until they move the stroller in restaurants. They tell me there is plenty of room. I just stand there. Scrunching by their nasty stroller is hazardous to my clothing. Besides, why should I accommodate their stroller? Why don't parents clean their strollers?

Noelle, I laid my precious, sleeping two-year-old on the floor on her blanket in a restaurant ONCE while my husband and two young children ate. I chose a table where no one would step on her or drop things on her or trip over her. (against a wall) I watched her so as to be right there to pick her up so she would not think she was left somewhere strange. I imagine these parents left the child, waking up to wonder where she was.

Now, the older two as toddlers were never happy campers in a restaurant and would never behave if left unattended for ten seconds. I just did not even want to go out with them because it was too much work for me to keep them quiet and not dropping things. Besides, I just did not like sitting in the car with my food getting cold.

Let me tell you--it is hard work to keep two lively toddlers from destroying the peace. Of course, they learned. These parents are lazy. LAZY

Add Lazy to Entitled!

Elizabeth S. said...

Amen, Bitchy, amen.

Anonymous said...

It's so true. I used to work at a rock and roll style Mexican tequila bar where we had to wear ripped band shirts and converse and had 500 religious candles and devil masks and skulls in black and shiny red adorning the space. It was a really small restaurant in NYC that only opened for dinner. We would sometimes get parents coming in with their kids who would become completely aghast at the notion that we did not have high chairs for their infants. Although we didnt hate children there, it wasn't exactly the type of kid friendly place you would consider bringing the little ones. It was a raucous, loud and devilish looking restaurant/bar that catered to the party crowd in the west village where the staff was required to blast punk rock music ONLY. I never understood why I was met with looks of annoying disgust when we would sometimes have to turn parents with huge strollers away because of lack of space (literally, as a server even i barely had room to pass through and would have to maneuver my body to get between tables). One time we accomodated a stroller and lost a couple of high tops in order to make the extra room, and the parents asked if we could tell the overflow crowd from the bar not to stand in the area so drinks wouldnt be spilled on their stroller. I mean come on!! Some parents feel so entitled to getting exactly their way because they decided to bring along their children in the most inconvienient times and places that just dont make any sense.

Chunky Mama said...

Ok, as far as strollers as stautus symbols, from my own experience, the bigger the stroller, the cheaper it is. If you're poorish, you will have the big honking one even you hate. It's actually the rich yuppies who have the sleek smaller models.

I cannot stand parents who let their kids sit or wander away from their table in a restaurant. It's my job to keep my kid from being a pain in the ass as much as possible. They either stay quietly in their seats, or we leave. Simple as that. If they get sleepy, we keep them IN OUR LAPS. If they get loud, whiny, or disruptive, one parent immediately takes them all to the car while the other parent stays behind to wrap up & pay.

Also, a single difficult experience at a restaurant is our sign that the kid is not at a good age for self control (like 1-2yrs), so we just STAY HOME for a few months before we try again.

This is not brain surgery people. It's just a little notion called RESPECTING OTHERS.

bamazalea said...

I've had it with entitled parents and entitled children. There is such a huge difference between the behavior here "out west" and in the south. People look strange at my children when they say "yes ma'am" and "yes sir" out here. I actually had a 5 yr old neighbors kid here at my house, pick up my cell phone and start playing video games on it. I asked him to please take the time to find his manners before returning to my home. I miss the south and the respect. Children don't interrupt adults, they ask before taking and a kid that acted up in a restaurant was taken "out" to be positively reinforced.

Mary A. said...

I am an entitled parent of 3, and this offends the hell out of me.

If my children get wet, THEY WILL MELT faster than the wicked witch when Dorothy was all "oops I spilled water on you. Sorry."

You obviously don't understand.

bring back the smack said...

I work in an upscale department store in childrens wear across from the toy department. Do u know how many parents send their brats to play I mean destroy the toy department while they shop? Like we are some baby sitting service!!

Yes the little bastards also play umnder the clothes racks and SCREAMMMMMM while their obxoxious mpother completely ignores them like I can't hear anything.

Then u will also get the mother huffing and puffing at the counter wanting to be served faster becuase they can't control their out of control brats.

AyBee said...

Words cannot express how much I love you, Bitchy. That is all.

bring back the smack said...

Here in Australia mothers with prams are entitled to the best car parks (like the disabled)


Anonymous said...

I wish restaurants would enforce a policy along the lines of "if you have a stroller, you automatically have an 25% autograt added to your bill."

Denise said...

Thank you for starting this whole topic. And to all the sourpusses who complain that people worship you: no, we don't. We're just glad that someone finally said something. We feel like all the airline attendants felt when that guy quit and slid down the chute. FINALLY, someone said what we all feel. If you count all my parents' kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, you'd get 31, and not a single one acts inappropriately in public. Why? Because my parents raised kids who behaved, who then went on to raise kids who behave, and so on, and so on, and so on. If you naysayers spent as much time with your kids as you do reading and commenting on this blog, your kids wouldn't need to try to get attention by acting out.

Adam Hawthorne said...

I would be okay if people would stop using the stroller as a bumper car.

I think it is in the same way that hummer-driving men who are hung like field mice that entitled mommies brandish their strollers. It's a warped exaggeration of perceived good parenting.

Cat M said...

When you were on Dr. Phil, that was the very first show I ever saw. I watched with my sister. Since then I have told her about all the comments here.(she doesn't get online much) We have both decided that the next time we are in a restaurant and kids begin to act like little heathens we are both going to mimic their behavior to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

That parent should have been smart enough to call ahead for a cab also. The same goes for eating food right off the shelf in a store.. be smart enough to bring a snack if your kid can't handle being in a store for a certain length of time. I once saw a woman give her child something to eat directly off the shelf and not pay for it at the register :-o

In a green frock eating spinach from a bamboo bowl said...

The ONLY excuse for having a double-wide pram is twins. You see women strolling by three-abreast on the pavement hee, not paying any attention to other pedestrians, spewing forth inane chatter with their stupid friends...

I move out of the way for the elderly and the disabled, because no one chooses to be either. If you choose to have kids, you should accommodate those of us who DON'T choose to have kids, not the other way around. And priority parking for people with children? WTF? Maybe if they had to walk the extra few feet their children wouldn't be so lazy or obese.

Anonymous said...

o.k. perhaps I shouldn't write this & part of it will be more or less tangential, but it , imho, is just people, in general these days. Definitely, I have had women with their huge strollers completely cut in front of me at the grocery store. It's like I didn't even exist. For sure, they never acknowledged my presence.

But, honestly, it is people in general. You go shopping, & there will be a woman with a cart blocking the entire aisle, so you have to either come back to that aisle twenty five minutes later, or, look at the first part of the aisle & go around ; around her & the cart to look at the second half of the aisle.

& I swear, if you are looking at something, all of a sudden there will be three, four, five, ten women all crowding you out, so you don't even get more than five seconds to look at the item that you wanted to look at.

Then, there are the people that park their carts right in front of what you want took at & make it clear they don't care if anyone wants to look at those items. They look at you with a look that says " I am going to be here, parked in this exact spot, for an hour and a half or two, & I am not moving. Your problem. Not mine "

Hello ! Do they own the store ? I think NOT.

Oh, I just thought of something else that ticks me off ; about entitled kids.

I can see parents giving their kids cell phones for * emergency purposes only *. Kids under say 12, or 14.

But, I have seen five, six and seven year olds with the latest, greatest cell phones attached to their ears.

Does a five, six, or seven year old need a fourth generation iphone, or the latest android phone ? I think NOT.

At most, a five , six, or seven year old, imho, should have a cheapo $10.00 pre paid phone for * emergencies only *.

What is with these ill mannered / non mannered people & their beliefs that they " own the world " & that everyone needs to bow down to them , & their families !

Maybe next time someone with their cart full of stuff might find their cart rolled into the restroom, or to a place where " only employees are allowed ".

Your five year old kid with their cell phone attached to their ear ; they just might experience someone being loud , & obnoxious, drowning them out, commenting on their phone to their friend, how some moron of a parent gave them a phone with apps on it that even a 16 year old might have trouble figuring out.

Then again, like the retainer, or lunch box that the kid loses, maybe that phone just might get lost as well.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put the part in there about mothers with their strollers deliberately taking up entire sidewalks, or walking areas !

What I am talking about, is places where there is more than enough space for people to pass one another & yet these mothers with their strollers somehow find a way to make it impossible for any person to get by them. Not to mention, they are slower than molasses , or turtles !

They know exactly what they are doing & they take pleasure in making it miserable for other people ! Or, around where I live, they take pleasure in knowing that they might just get someone killed ( there are five elementary schools within a quarter mile of where I live & parents picking up & dropping their kids off between seven and nine a.m. & noon and four thirty ( depending on if it is a half day & on what the kids after school activities are.)

Then, I live right in the heart of " computer land " , or in the heart of " technology land " , & we have all the stores anyone will ever need in their lifetime , all within about a quarter to half a mile.

Constant traffic, & tons of people.

These mothers with their gigantic strollers will unnecessarily take up entire sidewalks or walking areas, where there is plenty of space ; forcing other people to walk on the road , where there is heavy traffic.

It's ridiculous ! They are literally putting peoples lives in danger !

Then again, in restaurants, if people cannot reach exits in emergency situations because of these women & that strollers , then it is basically the same.

Or, if they are self absorbed, & not paying attention & they move those strollers an inch just as a server or patron goes by ! A recipe for disaster !

maxi said...

I've been shopping before and turned to find myself wedged in my a massive pushchair laden with carrier bags and every conceivable thing except the kitchen sink. When I finally caught the mothers attention she acted like I was out of order for asking her to move so I could, like, leave the shop!

Take your kid out in a papoose. Much easier!

suzybel56 said...

Saw a fully loaded grocery cart shooting down one of the aisles by itself. But wait, there was a little kid pushing it, who you couldn't see. I had to leap out of the way. Where was mom you say? Watching her little brat like it was the cutest thing. Then when she paid and was trying to leave, the kid went ballistic, because he couldn't take the cart. Ha ha mom!

Dirty Disher said...

It's like people who pack 6 suitcases for a weekend. Duuh, a simple fold up sroller ($12 bucks) with a small diaper bag hanging from it is just as useful and won't piss anyone off. People are just stupid. And stupid breeds.

bamazalea said...

Here's an idea....instead of banning kids, implement a standard 25% gratuity for a party with children seated until 7pm and 50% for parties with children seated after 7pm. It circumvents the whole "discrimination" argument and it makes cleaning up the cheerios a little more cheerful :)

bamazalea said...

eh...forget that idea. Asshole parents with money to spare (Stevie) will still bring them along and make it miserable for the other diners.

California Girl said...

The entitlement traits you list apply to old people too.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend say that only those with children should ever be allowed to park their car in the first three spots of every lane. If a single person did this, they were just being lazy.

Um, I rarely get the first spot and if one opens up, you bet your ass I'm taking and not looking in my rearview mirror for a minivan thinking, "Oh, no, you take it." Bull shit.

And another friend who, in her eighth month of pregnancy, complained that you shouldn't be allowed to park in the "mothers" parking spot unless you were at least showing your pregnany.

She denies ever parking in that spot when she was newly pregnant which I called bullshit on, too. Pregnant is pregnant. You never know, the newly prego lady might have had bad morning sickness and just needed saltines to survive the day like my friend did at that time in her pregnancy.

So, parents act entitled from the moment the sperm joins the egg and it never stops. I just wish they would stop posting every freaking picture ever taken of their kid on Facebook. If you had a baby so you could post something every two minutes therefore getting 50 thumbs up on a status or picture, you did it for the wrong reasons.

Vanessa said...

I'll soon be visiting Disneyworld, land of stroller- and scooter-dodging. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one who thinks a stroller shouldn't be used as a bulldozer.

Scott said...

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Anonymous said...

Once, these two men came into my work with a stroller. They wanted to sit in the booth in the back and place their stroller conveniently in front of it, basically blocking any customer and server trying to get to the front. The host told the men that it was a fire hazard and they could not place the stroller in front of the booth and he sat them at a table where it was safe to put the stroller. The two ass hats got up and moved back to the booth and placed the big ass stroller in front of it. The server was pissed and made it obvious that it was difficult to serve the table with the stroller in the way.

Margaret said...

I love your blog! And I am so sorry I missed your TV debut due to it being pre-empted by a tennis tournament.

I am not connected with this, but STFU Parents is another great blog about parent entitlement issues.

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

One time I was trying to get off the subway and stepped between a strollermommy and the door. And because she thought she was entitled to getting off first, she rammed into my legs as hard as she could. With her baby in it. Yeah. She used her baby to physically assault me.

sally said...

I have found the SUV strollers are just an extension of the huge purse. I have friend who was the type to carry EVERYTHING she could possibly need or want with her in a huge purse and when she pooped out a kid she just quadrupled the list and shoved it all in a huge stroller. Then she used the stroller to steamroll her way around town. I went to a fair with her and her stroller once and that was the end of that. Never did a "kid activity" with her again.

In terms of restaurants I don't go out to eat even half as much as I used to anymore. It's just not worth it for us to have to deal with horrible parents and their filthy, noisy, obnoxious children.

Jackie said...

Don't forget parents who refuse to admit the sounds their children make, are not the choir of angels singing they must hear in their child fawning deluded heads.

You know something bitchy waiter, I almost was kicked out of an Olive Garden for refusing to sit near kids. I haven't gone out to eat in months, because I'm now terrified of going somewhere, only to be heartbroken and disappointed, as well as to feel like I'm a burden, because restaurants and their staff can't comprehend that sound can physically hurt people.

I have Hyperacusis, which is a sensitivity to sudden loud sounds. I apologize if I mentioned or ranted about this before, but it keeps being an issue in my life. I can't even begin to explain this to entitled parents, without them rambling manically about how their child was a good kid that day, or going just plain hysterical. I sometimes wish they would know, how it feels to have a child who suffers everytime they leave the house, because few if any people are able to show compassion for my situation. I mean most people do, but the parents no way.

I've been told I must hate children, something is wrong with me, and that I should "Stay home if it bothers me that much." I have Asperger's Syndrome, you may feel that's the bastard cousin of Autism that nobody really gives a f**k about, but it is a part of who I am. I even had explained to the manager at Olive Garden I had a form of Autism, he told me sorry but it's a family restaurant. I told him he was discriminating against me for being mentally disabled. He tried to apologize, *ahem* I mean avoid a disability related lawsuit, when we left. I'm just am sick and tired of this BS as I'm sure you are. This is why kids are being banned from restaurant. Because entitled parents have become a horde of bullies, they have no problem picking on me despite being open and honest about my mental disability. All I can think is I hope to God, they don't have a mentally disabled child. If they're going to bully me, they'd probably abuse their child emotionally into normalcy or at least would believe they could do so. I mean, what is so wrong with people to attack someone who just told you they're mentally disabled? Really, like do they think they're doing it for fun?

I'd just like to be able to go out and not be assaulted by some brat's scream. The last time I was at Whole Foods a baby screamed, and their parents gave me a death glare. Like I'm such an awful human being, because I have a condition I DID NOT CHOOSE, AND CANNOT HELP HAVING? I apologize if this now seems to have gone off topic, I just can't express how upsetting it is hearing constantly people should understand these entitled parents. These parents with the mindset of the queen bees and wannabes in high school. I know all parents aren't like this, but many of them are. Did they ever stop to think their aggressive behavior might put their child at harm? Oh right it would be the other person's fault then right? Can you believe my psychatrist said I should be more understanding of parents. That's what got us to this point, praising parents endlessly, and now the majority act like spoilt children.

Entitled parents aren't just a plague on the public, they are a problem for their children. I don't know how children deal with their constant drama, without resorting to some form of maladaptive behavior to cope with it. What normal person screams like someone stabbed them, because their kids knocked down a DVD display? Why is it when you have children, and are responsible for another life, then it's okay for you to act like a Bipolar person off their meds? Shouldn't there be more scrutiny, not less for such unpredictable parents? Why am I seen as a bad person, just for wanting to go out without having to deal with entitled parents acting like escaped mental patients?

LadyRapunzel said...

When women try to do the "OMG I have kids, I need to cut in front of you" bit with me, I just make up a story about having a newborn at home and how I need to get back to it ASAP. I have a full time job, a part time internship, and grad classes, so my time is at a premium. That's what bugs me about so many of these women; they refuse to admit that other people are busy, too.

WorkingMom said...

Just found your blog when I was goggling for "parents are entitled and now I know where their children get it". Seriously.

Let me just say - I have 3 kids. Never had a double stroller either.

Wanted to warn you, since no one seems to be writing about it, that these self-absorbed parents raise entitled little snots who someday become entitled teenaged jerks. Those same parents will ride in on their broomsticks to meetings and curriculum nights to tell teachers, volunteers, coaches, and anyone else dealing with their kids that their little darlings are too BUSY to be involved, but should be given preferential treatment because, of course, they're them.

There is no reasoning with these lunatics. Just back slowly away from them, and have a baseball bat handy in case they decide to attack!

Tony said...

I work in a busy restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor, MI, and once a year we have a horrible weekend in which the town is taken over by the Art Fair. My first year, I was told by my co-workers that during said fair, no substitutions were allowed on the 8 wraps listed on the menu. Way too busy. This isn't goddamn Subway. Luckily, the location and volume provided us with the ability to do this and also call out shitty customers and tips. I hate entitled parents and for this very reason, I chose to work at a bar. Nothing annoys me more than entitled parents with their transformer sized strollers and "I'm pregnant" woes.

Anyway, as I go to take a four tops order, this preggo at the table ordered a wrap and tried to modify it as if it were calamari and she really wanted a club sandwich. Nothing detrimental to her pregnancy. After the second reminder that we weren't doing subs, she looks at me and whines, "But I am pregnant!!!" and as I am about to shoot something back, her friend made eye contact with me and then turned to her and said, "Being pregnant is not a handicap, asshole."

It was as if I had reached a new level of server heaven. Had I been more comfortable in the job, I would have comped this woman's tab or at least heavily discounted it.

Z said...

THANK YOU so much for posting this. I'm super late to the party, but today I had one of these types of experience. I was in line at the Dippin' Dots and this man with two small kids in tow tried to cut me. I said: "I'm sorry Sir, I was here first". He backed off and the guy that worked the counter waited on me, but then a few seconds later while I was still being helped, this guy with the kids said "Come on, let's go", like I was some HORRIBLE PERSON for insisting that I be respected and not be cut in line.

It's just obnoxious. When I told my best friend about it (who has a 4-yr-old), she wasn't sympathetic. She seemed to think this sort of thing doesn't really happen and I must have just misread the situation. Like maybe the guy didn't notice me there because he was dealing with the kids. I think it would be impossible for him not to notice I was there. He simply thought that because we were getting ice cream and he had little kids with him that the rule about waiting in line didn't apply to him.

My friend doesn't get it because she has a four year old, so nobody is going to try this crap with her. But people do it all the time to me. I was frustrated feeling like nobody else understood this and searched on google: "Why are parents so entitled" and found your blog post. THANK YOU. This makes me feel less crazy. Like I'm not the only person this crap happens to and I'm not some evil horrible person for insisting that I be waited on if it's my turn.

It's like you are a second class citizen these days if you don't have kids in tow.

Unknown said...

This is just some deep truth that every parent must face. Just because you were born from their blood and flesh doesnt mean they get priviledges. It doesnt matter how much they bitch about it, what matters is if they carry their job out. Just because they have a kid doesnt mean they van hospitalize their kid, cut in line, and countless things out there...

Kari said...

LOL you obviously don't have kids. You will eat your words one day. I know b/c I was once you.

Anonymous said...

Crappy parents need to be taught that they and their troublesome kids can't always have their way.

Anonymous said...

I love your post! Here is one of many situations I have faced with parents and their kids. The customer was at my checkout counter, set the kid on the counter. While the mom was digging thru her purse to find payment, her kid was pressing all the buttons on the payment pad. Then the kid started beating on the screen with the stylus pen. Now the kid would not have damaged the payment pad by pressing the buttons, but beating on the screen with the stylus pen yes! The screen could have been broken, or the pen which are both expensive. I looked at the mom and said, that's an expensive piece of equipment. She just continued on acting like I said nothing and was below her. If the kid did damage the pad, I would love to say your new total plus payment pad is now 798.00!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I am so tired of entitled parents! A lady legit tried to make someone in a wheelchair get off the bus who was already on it when we rolled up to the stop...why? So she could fit her giant stroller on with a kid who was clearly awake and old enough to walk and talk. It wasnt until a random man stood up and yelled to put the kid on her lap and close the stroller and sit down or gtfo. Like woman in a wheelchair vs you and your kids its accessibility seating for people with aid devices not so you and your giant stroller can take up all the priority seating. And make a scene holding us up from getting to the rest of the stops. Ugh.

Also these 2 moms like to walk side by side blocking the sidewalk with their big asses and huge strollers and like 6 kids lining the sides of thw sidewalk and grass so there is no where to go or walk around then they mouth drop looking pissed when I bump into them trying to get by or when I stop infront of them and their stroller like im not moving. People also like to block aisles and when you say excuse me look at you like you are move your stroller or maybe i should just do it for you? And people whining at work about not getting time off because someone with more seniority already asked or put their request in with the actual required 2 weeks notice..."but I have a kiiiid"....good for you I dont and plan to keep it that way. Not my problem you have a kid and wanted that day off why do I have to feel bad for getting the time off just because I dont have a kid? I am not lonely I do not feel like I am missing anything so no need to feel bad for me for not having kids I am quite fact when I constantly hear parents complain they miss events or see kids throwing tantrums in a store I get to just walk away and the extra financial thanks. I am quite happy with it that way. But because you have a kid it doesnt make you better than anyone else or entitled to frustrating!

Anonymous said...

@The Honourable Mayor Of Bethville:

If that idiot mom bumped into my legs with her stroller I'm sure I would have physically retaliated against her (with reasonable force) unless she apologized or at least I would have accidentally on purpose bumped into her and perhaps say "oops" sarcastically (unless she apologized once again). Truth is I have accidentally on purpose touched people if they touch me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable or even feel embarrassed.