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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's National Margarita Day!!

Forget Ash Wednesday. Today is National Margarita Day, y'all! Wipe that palm frond ash off your forehead and get your ass down to the nearest restaurant and order a margarita. By the end of the night, the only thing I wanna see on your face is some salt and a "I can't believe I drank so much" grin. I will be at work tonight but you know what my shift drink will be this evening, right? (Eddie, on the rocks, please.) Truth be told, I kinda look at every day as National Margarita Day. My dream faucet is one that pours tequila and when I see salt on the sidewalk during a snow storm, my first inclination is to go get a glass and rim it. (Yeah, I said I want to rim something...) If any of you were in my station tonight, I would be the waiter suggestively selling margaritas and tequila shots, not so I can up my sales but because as a half Mexican/half Regular, I feel it is my civic duty.

So go out into the world today with tequila in you water bottle, salt in your pocket and limes in your bag. If you see a needy person on the street, offer them a margarita and know that you did the right thing. Drink, my friends. Drink!

Please share this because everyone needs to know about this important day. Yes, it is also the birthday of Drew Barrymore, Lea Solanga and Sidney Poitier, but you know they are all out drinking and celebrating for the right reason: National Margarita Day!

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nicco624 said...

I tried posting this one my phone once and it didn't work!! I repeat: Maybe I should go get one myself because my bike got jacked today and maybe it will help me be less likely to want to smack someone!

injaynesworld said...

Well, crap. I could have used some advance notice on this. Tequila is definitely my drug of choice.

Anonymous said...

I don't drink alcohol, and ordering a virgin makes me look like a pervert and an asshole.