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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bitchy Waiter of the Day: Daniel T.

I get so many emails and messages from other fed up servers that I have decided to feature someone else every once in a while. This way, people who come across this blog will know that I am not the only one who sometimes feels the need to vent, complain, bitch, pull the hair from my head and drink heavily. A shout out to the Bitchy Waiter of the Day who has this to say about his crappy shift:

Daniel T. says:

Soooo I had a table sit in my section, 2 guests, they sat there over an hour, and ran up a tab, 130.00$, They were doing shot's and had margarita's, made me do a birthday... and asked for a military discount, ( took the bill down to 121, and some change)

Left me 8$

The next group to sit at the table, was a mom and 2 sons, they watched an entire basket ball game, they all had about 7 Drinks, and i took good care of them, when it was time to go the mom paid her bill with a 100.00$ bill (42$ Check) and she had her son try to give me a penny! and he was yelling "here's your tip" I came real close to getting fired tonight, I wanted to hit that mom with the beer bottle I was holding,

I hate people.

Thank you, Daniel T. You are the Bitchy Waiter of the Day! Anyone have words of encouragement for Daniel?

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KB said...

At least Daniel T. got your award. Yea! I could never work in a sports bar...Not that his tale is exclusive to sports bars, unfortunately.

Mary A. said...

Love the Server of The Day

Jaime said...

Oh Daniel, I feel you. Waiting tables makes me realize just how much chlorine the gene pool needs. I think everyone on the entire planet should be forced to wait tables at least once in their life. That being said, I hope your horrible guests get run over by a heard of wild buffalo. Twice.

Deidre Bridwell said...

Love this blog!! Got to start contributing more, I am going to compile a list of my top ten reasons why i can be a bitchy waitress!! Get back to you soon, oh by the way, been serving for 16 years, so ill really have to narrow down the list!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Both of those groups should have been kicked hard in their collective groins!

Confessions from the Hairdresser said...

A fucking penny??? How nice of her to generously donate all of the money to Daniel that she had been saving for her wretched little crotch fruit's education.

Lousy bitch.

ByStarlightLily said...

Makes you feel any better I got a $2.99 tip on $130.00!

Anonymous said...

I groaned. A very loud groan. That was terribly offensive. I would have shoved that penny up his pee hole.

Daniel T said...

Thanks for all the love and support server family, today was a good day, and I just won a 100$ on a lotto ticket,

so I guess the goo Jew Jew can come back to me somehow

Sarah F. said...

I would've flicked the penny in his eye. haha :P

Love the blog by the way. <3

chacha1 said...

Sent over here by Dan at Casual Kitchen and I can't stop reading!! I worked in food service in college ... Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen. Talk about your high-quality venues.

Everyone in my little podunk town thought of Pizza Hut, which was in that place and time actually a sit-down restaurant that even served beer, as a fast-food restaurant; so pretty much nobody tipped worth speaking of.

My absolute most-hated days to work were Sundays. Church groups. 10, 12, 15 people on a table, pitchers of soft drinks, multiple pizzas and trips to the salad bar which, oh yes, I had to prep & stock & clean while getting the "tip rate", they'd stay for 90 minutes, pay a check of $50 - $60, and leave two bucks.

No wonder I'm an atheist.

DriveThruGuy said...

Although we are from different restaurant worlds, we have to deal with the same people! Yours is some of the laugh-out-loud- funniest commentary I have ever read regarding the food service industry, and the best part is: from experience, it's backed up by complete truth!

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