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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paula Deen and Liza Minnelli: Together at Last

It's no secret that I have a feeling deep down in my buttered loins for one Ms. Paula Deen. The proof is in the Crisco pudding right here, y'all. I also have been know to wax poetic about Liza Minnelli as is evidenced right here, darlings. So imagine my surprise and delight when Liza decided to pay a visit to Paula's house. Could it be that I would get to see both of these mesmerizing train wrecks at the same time? What could these two women possibly have in common? A lot as it turns out. They each lost their mother when they were in their early 20's. They both like to eat German Chocolate cake with their hands. And they both have been known to sing to chickens. Yes, sing to chickens.

I caught this hot mess on the Food Network and when I went to You Tube to find some clips of it to share with others, there were none. I have remedied that problem because the world needs to see what happens when these two esteemed ladies share a kitchen together. It was a mutual admiration society up in there and by the time it was over I am pretty sure that they buttered a roll and sprinkled it with sequins and then Liza drop kicked it into Paula's mouth. They didn't show that on television, but I just know that it happened. I hope you can spare two minutes out of your extraordinarily busy lives (please, you're reading the Bitchy busy can you be?) and watch this video. And when you are finished watching it, share it. After sharing it, immediately go rinse your eyes in the nearest emergency eye washing station because your corneas are going to be more fried than Liza's vocal chords.

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

I had to Google their ages.. holy **** Paula is 65, Liza 64... Their mannerisms are the same.. Years ago, I noticed Liza developed a shake to her head (parkinson's?) which was more prominent when she would let her voice do a vibrato... Getting old sucks. btw, I watched that segment in full... a waste of time.

Mary A. said...

I totally posted it. Do you think Liza will ever guest blog with me on giftoffat and we can eat cake and say Fuck a lot?

That would be AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

They both look like they are made out of dough and Xanax.

Practical Parsimony said...

Okay, I am 65, going on 66, and my mannerisms are nothing like that! Maybe it was the facefuls of cake.

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