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Saturday, August 28, 2010

New News in the Old Court

In an effort to make this blog more than just me bitching and bitching about the bitches and the bitchy ass things they do, I thought I would scour the internets and find some very important news shit to share with you folks. I dunno, is this totally lame? This site needs something to stir it up. Contests! Prizes! More daily updates! Naked ladies! Seriously though, your feedback can help me take this blog to the next level: from really lame to just kinda lame. Let me know your thoughts and what you like most and least about this site. Email me here with any ideas you might have. Plus when I get a lot of emails, it gives me something to do at work.


The Bitchy Waiter

There might be some dirty ass eggs out there still.

This food is way overpriced. I want to wait tables there.

No fucking substitutions, bitch.

Finally, a salad I want to eat. Deep fried.

Some waiters aspire to greatness. Others aspire to do this.

I need to work here so no one sees my thumb in their pasta.

Old news. Someone harassed a waitress...


Gabriele Agustini said...

It's not that I don't like 'change', but please don't change a thing!!
Your bitching and ranting about anything and everything, is what makes your blog unique, hysterical and thoroughly enjoyable!! Just be YOU!!!!
Love ya!!

The Ranter's Box said...

I concur with Gabriele. Your blog is the best thing since strong cocktails and/or a night of fun with a hot, sexy somethin somethin!

In the end, of course do what makes you happy and brings you joy. Just remember that I love you just the way you are.

xo The Empress
(Who just so happened to write about nose picking booger eaters today..)

Anonymous said...

I truly love reading your rants so don't change your blog too much.Your posts honestly make me feel better after being pushed around in my customer service job at this lame store called Macy's.

Anonymous said...

LAME. Stick with what you do best, reminding me why I am no longer in food service!

Tesakana said...

Hey... you don't need to change anything, your blog is anything but lame, and I look forward to reading the newest post every time I wake up in the afternoon

♥, Tesakana ;D

Practical Parsimony said...

There is probably not much you can do to make your blog any funnier or interesting. You have a way with words. I love it just the way it is. This works. Please don't try too hard to improve it! I have never been a waitress, but I probably have been the person that helped make you bitchy.

Have you seen When Harry Met Sally? I am like the Meg Ryan character who wants everything cooked a different way, with substitutions, other different things than are listed on the menu. I do smile, ask nicely, say thank you, and TIP well. "Can you help me?" is my opening line for waiters.

Please publish this blog as a book!

Anonymous said...

Um, your so-called lame blog doesn't have 2,677 followers on FB for nothing!! Don't change a thing, not that you need our approval anyway. This blog is what gets me through the day and makes my bitching completely valid. I love everything about it. But do what makes you happy. It's your rantings not ours.
(I'm only saying that to be nice, which I'm not, so please don't change anything)

Mick said...

BW, I saw your comment about overpriced dishes at various NYC restaurants and how you'd like to work at one (because of that). What does it take to get a job as a waiter at one of the really high-class, expensive NYC eateries? One would assume, as well, that with high prices, tips would be better or are they, in actuality?
Do tell, plz!

LOVE this blog! LOVE it!!!

A Bitch Called Mom said...

DON'T CHANGE A FUCKING THING. Yes, I wrote in all caps on purpose. I love the hell out you. We don't always agree, but our love is strong, goddammit! Don't make me stalk your ass!