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Monday, January 17, 2011

I Served Olive Oyl

Have you ever wondered what Olive Oyl would like in today's day and age? Wonder no more because I think she sat at table 18 last night. She has put on some weight which is a good thing because I always thought Olive Oyl was bit too thin. It was rumored that she had body dismorphic syndrome and may have had some type of eating disorder as well which would explain why she always seemed to weigh about 70 pounds. Judging from her fickle nature and not being able to decide between Popeye and Bluto also shows that she probably had some issues with low self esteem. But last night she was healthy and robust and acting like she has finally got her life on track. Her hair is still jet black but it's obvious that she dyes it now. But she's in her early 90's, so more power to her. It also appeared that she had gotten a boob job because she actually had breasts. Popeye and Bluto probably chipped in and paid for those tits after years of pancake breakfasts. Her feet are still huge but she was wearing snow boots so maybe it was an illusion. She was wearing that sad black pencil skirt and red top but she had jazzed it up with a zebra print jacket. Overall she looked good for a 90 fucking year old cartoon character

"Hello, ma'am. May I get you something to drink?" I asked.
"Oh dear, I dunno. Ooooh I dunno. Ooooh...ooooh."
"I can come back in a few minutes if you want to take a moment to decide."
"Nooooo, I'm ready. Ooooh, I would like a vodka on the rocks with olives. A lot of olives. I love olives."
"More than three?"
"Oooh, are they the big olives or the little olives. I love olives."
"They are the big olives," said I.
Olive Oyl smiled from ear to ear and said, "Ooooh, I love the big olives. I'll take as many as you can give me."
I went back to the bar and crammed five olives on to the tiny toothpick and carried it back to the table. She eyed the glass and went straight for the olives. I just knew that her panties were a little wet with olive oil at the very thought of downing those delicious salty little fruits.
"Ooooh dear, these are big olives. Thank you so much. I love olives," she said again as she swallowed two of them at once.
"Yes, I heard that about you. Would you like to order any food or will you be having olives for dinner tonight?" I followed that remark with a laugh so she would think I was being funny and not bitchy even though I was being bitchy and not funny.
"Oooh dear. Hmmmm. Ooooh my. Oh, I know! I would like an order of spinach artichoke dip."

Apparently her years with Popeye had rubbed off on her and she was a big fan of the spinach can. I was afraid to ask her about Popeye. He was older than Olive Oyl was so he's probably dead now. I also wanted to ask her who the hell Swee'Pea was and if he was the bastard child of Popeye or Bluto, but it seemed too personal for a waiter to ask a customer. I almost shared with her how I played her one summer in an amusement park in Denver but decided that she probably wouldn't care. (Yes, I really did. I was Olive Oyl at Elitch Gardens the summer of '87 so if you hugged her that summer, you probably hugged me.) The rest of the night with Olive Oyl was uneventful. She had her two drink minimum and enjoyed the show. She gave me a good tip and went on her way. I was just happy to see that Olive Oyl was alive and well and living in New York City. Now if I could only find out whatever happened to Josie and the Pussycats.


Bouncin' Barb said...

AFter growing up with Popeye cartoons most of my childhood I think Popeye was a slutty little wench. I think she liked getting grabbed by the hair, yanked around and thrown down on the ground. That little tramp! haha. good post.

bruce said...

great post...

it was a well vodka.

i noticed that old peole don't get the *call* liquor idea...

you really should have asked her about swee'pea..cuz i for ine really wanted to know!!!

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Noelle said...

I was in Denver and Boulder in 87' I was way more interested in the scene at Rainbow Music Hall, Red Rocks and some bar I forget the name on the hill. Pogo's ? I don't remember hugging Olive Oyl? Could have though! be funny if we had crossed.

Anonymous said...

Josie and the Pussycats was created by Dan DeCarlo based on his wife Josette. Check out their website at

there are some interesting bios and a great video on how they first met.

PS: Josie (Josette) is now in her 80s and retired to Florida.

Practical Parsimony said...

If she gained weight, she did not need a boob job. When women get older, flat chests become fat chests. Ask me how I know.Okay, I was not THAT flat, but everything turned out nicely.

Mary A. said...

was her voice all screechy too? I loved her!

Tonya said...

Sweet Pea was a foundling that was delivered in a box to Popeye's doorstep.

Winston said...

Ooooo-mmmm, a delightful post, Bitchy! My Aunt Maude was always the spittin'image of Olive Oyl and as down home as hominy grits. But I could never relate to Olive's romantic quandry. She should've gone straight for Bluto! I would, especially that movie version. Bluto's downright WOOFY!

Eden said...

My dad's CB radio call name (ah, the 70's) was pop-eye so my mother took the obvious choice -
Olive Oyl. And she was skinny as a rail with no boobs, squeaky voice and indecisive as hell. Just for grins, when I got my car (not the 70's), my father installed a CB radio much to my chagrin to check up on me when I traveled and YES, my callname was Sweet-pea. *eyeroll*

The Restaurant Manager said...

"yes, I heard that about you. Would you like to order any food or will you be having olives for dinner tonight?" <-- This is great.. very very witty in deed.

Jeff said...

``Her panties were a little wet with olive oil``. Holy Shit, how do you think of this stuff?

Allison Joy said...

Wow, how exciting. It must be so great to see celebs while you are working. Makes the job a little more interesting, No? I didn't think so.

I had a thought to be Popeye for Halloween and make my skinny ass boyfriend be Olive Oyl. Maybe we could come to your place for dinner. What do you think?

sweet laura jane said...

hahaha You don't know what excites the Ladies. Or maybe you had an olive moment. wink. Ahem.
Well, I'm a lady and can control my "excites".


Ester Jean said...

I really love coming and reading your blog Mr. Bitchy. Fo rizzle