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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cater Waiters Unite

I don't know this band and I am not shamelessly promoting my own video (for once) but someone sent it to me and it needed to be shared. I have done my time as a cater waiter and this video epitomizes how we feel sometimes when we are walking around a crowded room with a plate of nasty ass slimy shrimp that nobody wants. People poke and prod you and have no respect. I'm talking to you, Connie Chung. I wanna poke you back.

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WJ said...

I did catering for a couple of years and this is the exact reason I was a runner and not a server. I could not restrain myself "why don't you pull your head out of your ass so that you are tall enough to reach the table and get your own fucking shrimp scampi?" to the pretentious ass holes who don't know how to treat people nicely.

CatieJo said...

As both a server and a caterer for the same restaurant, I must say, I'm treated much more like a human being while catering than while serving. Then again, the catering I do is buffet style. Haven't had to walk around with a tray like the event in the video. Just seems like when people don't have the choice of a menu for their meal, they're WAY less likely to bitch.