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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Hope You Choke on Cheese

Yes, I am still on vacation. But won't you please read this post about the first day at my current job. A year ago and I still remember what this asshole looked like.

The Bitchy Waiter

My first day at my new job went off without a hitch with the exception of one huge asshole who sat at table 24. Do they follow me? Am I an asshole magnet? My fellow co-workers were shocked that this guy treated me the way he did. "We never get people like that. I am so sorry you had to deal with him." Poor me, destined to deal with assholes no matter where I work. I may as well be a fucking proctologist.

So this place I work at now is pretty nice. Did I mention we have candles? Yeah, candles. Most of the folks that come in for the shows are prepared to drop a pretty penny for the cover charge and the two-drink minimum. But this guy was different. He plopped his fat ass at his seat. I gave him the shpiel about how he had to have two drinks while there and how helpful it would be to tell me both of them now so as not to interrupt him during the performance. "Do you gots Bud Light?" Being new to the job and seeing that he had a list of beers in front of him, I paused and told him I wasn't sure. I looked at the list and said, "No, sorry just Amstel Light and Sam Adams Light." He informed me that he would have an Amstel Light.

"Alright, sir. And would you like that for your second drink as well?"

"I dunno." Long pause as he stared at me. "I'll tell you what I do want though. Get the biggest glass you have. Fill it with ice. Then fill it with water. Then put a lemon in it. I want two of those right now." I make my way to another table and he calls me again. "Do you have any food?" I suppose he doesn't understand the purpose of the menu sitting in front of him.

"Yes sir, we do. I have hummus and pita chips, spinach artichoke dip-"

"No, no no. Food. Real food."

"That is food sir. We do consume that."

"Meat. Do you have any food that is meat?"

I was staring to hate this guy. "Then no sir, we don't have any food."

"What kind of food do you have then?"

I have now crossed the line from starting to hate this guy to actually hating this guy. I reiterated our food options and he finally agreed on the cheese plate and then berated me for not knowing the price without looking at the menu. He almost choked when I told him how expensive it was, but he ordered it. The table next to him told me "good luck" as I went to ring in his order. He yelled out to me he also wanted a shot of Jack Daniels. When I brought out his beer, shot and two waters (which he never touched) he told me he needed a Coke chaser and he was not paying for it because where he comes from you just automatically get a Coke chaser with a shot of Jack and he was not paying for it and he would not be paying for it. Got it, ass. Fine.

Halfway through the show he leaves his seat to come to the bar and complain that he is dissatisfied with his cheese plate. He was not paying for a plate of crackers with one piece of cheese. He would not be paying for it. Got it, fine. Meanwhile the other server went to retrieve said cheese plate and showed him several pieces of cheese that were still on it proving that it did have more than one piece as he claimed. "Well, I don't like swiss!" (It was edam.) "And I don't know what those other cheeses are!" (They were gouda and brie.) I guess he just didn't recognize his old stalwart cheeses of American, cheddar and Whiz.

We took the cheese plate of his bill. After the show, he walked around the room talking to some of his friends and ignoring me as I waited to accept payment. About fifteen minutes later I hear the other server calling after him as he walked toward the door. "Sir, are you going to pay your check??" Asshole laughed. "Oh my Lord. I totally forgot about it. I'm sorry. How much do I owe you? Hardy har har."

I ran his credit card and you know what the asshole did? On a $49 check, he left me ten bucks. I swear to God, I just don't get people.

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

If that ever happens again, after one rude remark made by a customer, pass this fool onto your superior.. Let your superior know what is going on.. You took way too much abuse...

pilgrimchick said...

Wow--this is amazing. I will never quite understand the motivation behind being a professional asshole.

Levonne said...

Great writing as always Bitchy Waiter! My husband now calls himself the bitchy campground host. Hehehehe.

Donda said...

Please tell me this guy was by himself...If I were his date I would have been mortified!

The Ranter's Box said...

What an anti-social, redneck a-hole! Too bad a fellow waiter didn't accidentally drop a tray of water (with lemon!) on his head. Back in the day I may have orchastrated such a mishap as a way to deal with someone like him.

Anonymous said...

Wait so, are you mad that he left you a 20% tip or surprised?

Steve said...

What a jerk. I don't get people that complain about prices when they clearly know what they are. Or claim they won't pay for something. Surprising that you got 20% though...

Anonymous said...

^^ Anon, he's pissed that he put up with all of that shit and the guy tipped him well. This may not make sense if you've never waited tables.
When someone treats you that badly, you don't expect a good tip, or even a tip at all.

For the guy to tip well after behaving so badly is shocking and upsetting because he could just have easily been pleasant and not an asshole.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

THX for another great rant. :0)

bitterbritt said...

Love your blog! I started laughing with the title on this one!

Queen of the Rant said...

ass, I love the cheddar whiz line... perfect

Ca said...

Wait, isn't 20% a decent tip?