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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Bitchy Waiter

It's time for some heartfelt advice from The Bitchy Waiter. Do you have an issue that The Bitchy Waiter can help you with? Job, personal, relationships? You name it. You can email me here and I will answer one question a week. Or just email me to say hello. It makes me happy. Let's see what we find in the mailbag today:

Dear Bitchy Waiter,

First off, love the blog--I'm a pretty avid reader, and now whenever I type B into my address bar my computer automatically goes to you. Anyway, I'm a seventeen year old working in a childcare center, in a gym, down in Denver. My boss seemed like a pretty great person. Not so much now that I'm six months into my job. She's whiney and bossy (more than the usual boss), she's been late for the past month on paying us, and according to my friend, she just has this horrible ailment where she's eternally menstruating. In the past month shes fired five people from the gym and three more have quit. Should I be the fourth to put my two weeks in? Or should I just put up with it because it's a cushyass job? Or maybe the choice will be made for me and she'll just kick my child watching ass to the curb.

Hugs and kisses and apple martinis,

Fed Up and Fucked Over

Dear Fed up and Fucked Over,

First off, thank you for your kind words but I must respond to your apple martini comment. You are only 17 years old so you shouldn't even know what apple martinis are, child. Shame on you! Might I suggest some delicious 3.2% beer that I used to drink when I lived in The Mile High City? Anyhoo, yes. Your boss sounds like a horrible horrible person with no joy in her life. I don't know what illness she has that gives her continuous menstruation but whatever it is, she deserves it. This bleeding bitch hasn't paid you for a month and you still work there? No matter how cushyass the job is, it really doesn't matter if there is no paycheck. If you are looking for something to do that is cushy and you don't need to be paid for it, stay at home, stick a straw into a can of 3.2 Coors Light and watch Oprah. You are 17. Move on. Fuck it. That's what I would do. And two weeks notice? Why the fuck would you bother with that? If she hasn't paid you for a month, you owe this whore nothing. If she has fired five people and three others have quit in the last month, this place sounds like it's going down the tubes. Sounds like those darling kids will soon need another place to find some childcare. Go get a new job. And keep your fingers crossed that you get paid. I did a show (in Denver!) many years ago and was getting $175 a week. I was never paid for the last two weeks and I held out hope for that $350 for years and years. It never came. Trust me. Let it go. Get a new job and leave this bitch in the dust. (Don't be a waiter though. It sucks.)

The Bitchy Waiter


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Thx for putting a :0) on my face.
Don't want to become like that joyless whore;0)

Mary A. said...

You totally should mentor teens.

Unknown said...

This young lady is in for a rude awakening isn't she? There are so many more bleeding, pms whores that are going to cross her path in life. 17. My goodness. I knew everything then though. Didn't you?

Wanton Redhead Writing said...

Sound advice. You will never get paid by that witch. She is spending your salary on tampons.

Ange said...

Great advice!

I gave you an award on my blog.

zeebee said...

Hate to bust your balls there Bitchy, but you lost $350, not $250 on that job.

You do make me laugh though. I used to work in a gym. Their daycares are crap. What's cushyass about one of those jobs?

Practical Parsimony said...

I hope you add better on thejob! Just kidding, but you were screwed for $350! I left a job when the woman owned me $750 for a week's work. She would pay me later and expected me to work for free, I suppose. That was in January. No pay yet.

When I told her I had bills to pay, she said, "I have my own bills to pay. I can't worry about yours!" Hmmm, aren't I one of your bills? Bitch!

Mannix said...

Sage-like advice! You should have your very own talk show.

Just Plain Tired said...

Nothing to add here. The place is heading to that out of business scenario. Get out, and stuff.

Becoming Mommy said...

I had a job where they wouldn't pay me. It was a waitressing job. I got my tips, but for some reason they REFUSED to even give me a pay stub. At all.
I quit. After being there only about 6 weeks. Still no stub.
The owner? Had a radio show and was a bit of a local celebrity so I called in and chewed him out. My friends called in and chewed him out.
He lost his restaurant and his radio job. Karma is sweet!

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