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Friday, September 3, 2010

Superstar in My Station

So I waited on someone famous the other day. Not like superstar paparazzi lovin' mega Hollywood star kinda famous, but a notable Broadway performer. He was in a Pulitzer Prize winning musical a few years ago. I think he has some Tony nominations and shit and I even have some of his recordings. I have always really liked the guy. So I waited on him. And didn't even freakin' realize it was him until he handed me his credit card at the end of the night and I saw his name. He was with two other people, right? And the club has a two drink minimum per person, right? Well, this guy was singing in the show so he didn't have to have the minimum but the other two did. But they didn't. They wanted water which does not count towards the minimum because it's free, you know? At the end of the night I put all the minimum charges on their bill and gave it to them. Well, Mr. Broadway wouldn't have that. He said that since he was in the show that night, his friends shouldn't have to pay the minimum either. Uh, okay? So we took it off the bill. Why is it the people who can afford shit always get it for free? It happens all the time in restaurants. Some big shot famous person will come in and order a bunch of crap and then the manager will comp it all so big shot famous person will come back in sometime. Hello? They're rich. They can afford it.

Think of the Oscars. Don't all those presenters get bags and bags of free shit? Watches, computers, iPods, soaps, jewelry, condoms, puppies... They get free shit even though they could walk their ass to Wal-Mart and pay for it themselves with their Platinum American Express. Or at least pout it on lay-away. It's not fair.

Anyhoo, this guy was famous. And you know what? He was nice. He said please and thank you and left me a good tip (after I took off half his bill). I was just happy he wasn't like so many famous people who piss on their servers and wait for us to kiss their ass. He showed me that (moderately successful Broadway) famous actors (who pop up on Law and Order or a movie once in a while) can be cool. Life is good. God bless us. Everyone.

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Mary A. said...

So WHY are his friends exempt from the 2 drink minimum again?

Lolamouse said...

I think that if you were a decent person before you became famous, you'll most probably stay decent after you're famous. Fame doesn't necessarily make someone act shitty; it allows their inner shittiness to be indulged with impunity.

Stereos and Souffles said...

Who the hell drinks water at a show?

Jenn said...

Jesse L Martin?

Queen of the Rant said...

Yeah I cannot believe how cheap famous people are-Sarah Palin does not even tip wait staff- and if she does it i s like 2-3 dollars- meanwhile she can shell out two grand on an outfit that looks the same as all her other outfits-just different colors! arrgggg

Clear thinking said...

How do you know Sarah Palin dosant tip??? Did you wait her table. I highly doubt it.

Sucker said...

Lolamouse is absolutely right.
And Clear Thinking, please learn to spell.

I'm so glad you got a nice famous person. Just think, Bitchy... Someday, that famous person will be you. :D

grahamophone said...

Alls I know is, the harder you work, the less you make... or the less you make, the harder you work (says me, who is earning a piddlance - new word, just invented it myself, and hereby declare it spelled correctly - in a show where I have to do my own make-up and hair and provide my own costume).

I shared a table at a crowded restaurant with Craig Bierko once. That was cool.

alexa. said...

Someone in Rent, I'm assuming? Now I really want to know who. Lol. Is that weird?